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OTC Exchange

Efficient over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trading service tailored for businesses, individuals, and high-volume traders.

  • Licensed to trade cryptocurrencies
  • Best fees
  • 500+ cryptocurrencies available
  • Supports Euro (SEPA) and Dollar (SWIFT)
  • Advanced AML and fraud protection
  • Buy & Sell starting at 10,000 EUR
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Swap up to €900 without KYC
You get 3.8005 NEAR (NEAR) for 10 USD
3.8005 NEAR @1.32 USD
~5.00 USD
Network fee
0.00 USD
(depends on payment method)
as low as
Proceed - 10 USD

Why Choose Münzen’s OTC Service?

Comprehensive Service
Managed by our professional team, we offer trades in over 500 tokens.
Security and Compliance
We prioritize your safety with advanced security measures and compliance with AML regulations.
Expert Platform
Serving both seasoned traders and crypto beginners.
Competitive Fees
Benefit from low fees and attractive rates for your transactions.
Personalized OTC Service
For large volume trades, our team provides individualized attention and competitive rates
Fiat and Crypto Connector
Fiat-crypto connector for all businesses, enabling seamless crypto operations and conversions.

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Münzen will help you navigate the world of crypto

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Who Can Benefit from Our Service?

Cryptocurrency Traders
Individuals or entities seeking professional management for trading a variety of tokens.
Middle East
Financial Institutions
Banks and financial institutions looking to offer clients diverse cryptocurrency options through a trusted service provider.
Investment Companies
Firms keen on digital asset investments and require a secure, efficient service for trading.
Emerging businesses seeking an effective solution for managing their crypto transactions.
Crypto Enthusiasts
Perfect for crypto traders, from novices to pros, seeking expert management.

How Our  OTC Service Works


Start by placing a request for a trade. You can do this by reaching out to our team with the details of the transaction, including the tokens involved and the volume of trade.


Our team will review your request and provide a quotation for the transaction. This quotation will take into account the current market conditions and provide you with the best possible rate.


If you're happy with the quotation, you confirm your intention to proceed with the trade. In case of any queries, our team is ready to assist and clarify.


Once we receive your confirmation, our team will execute the trade on your behalf, adhering to all security and compliance measures.


After the successful execution of the trade, we will settle the transaction. In the case of OTC trades, we ensure prompt and secure settlement.


You will receive a confirmation of the completed transaction, and the assets will be securely transferred as per the trade agreement.

Get Started With Münzen's OTC Service Today

With Münzen’s OTC service, you're not just getting a service, you're partnering with a professional team dedicated to making your trading experience seamless and secure.

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