Results of Münzen 2023: A Year of Innovations and Success in the Cryptocurrency World

Dear friends and partners of Münzen, the year 2023 has been period of significant changes and impressive achievements for our company. We want to share with you the exciting journey we've taken and the innovations that have made this year truly special.

1. Cryptoprocessing:

A New Level of Convenience.

Our goal is to make dealing with cryptocurrencies as simple and convenient as possible. In 2023, we successfully introduced cryptoprocessing, allowing our users to make purchases of various products using crypto payments. This step opens up new opportunities for everyone looking to leverage the benefits of digital assets.

2. On-Ramp Widget:

Enhancing and Streamlining Entry into the Cryptocurrency World.

Ensuring that everyone can easily enter the world of cryptocurrency is crucial to us. Throughout the year, we worked on improving our On-Ramp Widget, a user-friendly tool that enables a quick and hassle-free start with cryptocurrency resources. We believe that access to purchasing digital assets should be straightforward for everyone, and the On-Ramp Widget makes this access even easier.

3. OTC Exchange:

Expanding Trading Opportunities.

In 2023, we expanded our functionality by introducing the OTC Exchange. This means you can execute significant trades off the exchange with minimal time investment and maximum security. OTC Exchange is a forward step in the cryptocurrency trading sphere, suitable for individuals and businesses, and we are proud to offer this to our users.

4. Crypto Payouts:

Simplification of Payments.

We have added a tool that significantly simplifies the cryptocurrency payout processing for your counterparts or partners, providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution for managing all cryptocurrency payment needs.

5. NFT Marketplace:

Art in the Cryptocurrency World.

In 2023, we not only opened the doors to the world of NFTs but also created our own NFT marketplace where you can make purchases directly with a credit card. Here, art meets technology, providing unique opportunities for creativity and investment. Münzen NFT Marketplace is not just a platform, it's a comprehensive service center for a community appreciating digital art assets. We invite artists to join our marketplace!

6. Dozens of New Clients:

Trust and Growth.

We proudly announce that in 2023, Münzen signed contracts with dozens of new clients. This is a testament to the trust placed in us as an innovative crypto company.

7. Attending Events:

Useful Experience.

Münzen managed to attend numerous events: Avalanche Summit, Money 2020, EpicWeb3, EthCC.

In conclusion, we are grateful to each of you for your trust and support. 2023 has been a milestone for Münzen, but we are ready for new challenges and successes in the future. Thank you for being with us, and let's move forward together, creating the future of digital finance!

With love,
The Münzen Team.

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