Münzen's Exciting Plans for 2024

Münzen is ready to share its exciting plans for 2024 with you. Let's delve into the most important details of this year's plans:

1. Off-Ramp Widget:

In 2024, Münzen plans to add the innovative Off-Ramp Widget, enhancing user convenience and diversifying the company's services by providing flexibility in choosing financial instruments.

2. Integration with Listing Platforms:

Münzen will actively pursue integration with leading cryptocurrency listing platforms. Listing is the process of including a token in the list of tradable assets. Our goal is to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility for potential investors, which is a key factor in expanding our client base.

3. Marketing Campaigns and Activities:

Münzen plans to conduct numerous marketing campaigns and activities. This is a crucial strategic effort aimed at fortifying the company's development, attracting retail and business clients for further scalability.

4. Participation in Conferences:

Participation in leading conferences not only showcases Münzen's interests but also provides a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange, forming partnerships, and expanding the client base. This approach contributes to the long-term success and development of the company.

5. Business Development:

2024 marks active engagement in Business Development, emphasizing Münzen's commitment to acquiring new clients, establishing long-term partnerships, and diversifying its business.

6. Whitelabel Solution:

The idea of creating a Whitelabel solution is a step forward in providing personalized solutions for major crypto companies, allowing them to use Münzen's On-Ramp Widget in line with their brand.

7. Expansion of Currency and Payment Methods:

Adding new cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and payment methods underscores Münzen's commitment to meeting diverse needs of users and partners.

8. Referral System:

The planned referral system for 2024 will serve as a powerful tool to attract new users, incentivizing existing users for their activity and engagement.

9. AML & KYT and Cryptoprocessing Purity Checks:

Working on strengthening security and compliance with regulatory requirements through continuous efforts in AML and KYT. Efficient mass payments and rigorous checks on the purity of cryptocurrency transactions ensure the reliability and transparency of financial operations, maintaining the purity of financial flows.

10. Improved Partner Dashboards:

Work will be done in 2024 to enhance partner dashboards and reporting, demonstrating Münzen's focus on the comfort and informational transparency of its partners.

11. Full Automation of OTC Exchange:

Plans for the full automation of the OTC Exchange represent a strategic decision to optimize and efficiently utilize Münzen's service for users.

12. Development of Münzen NFT Marketplace:

Further improvement and development of the NFT Marketplace, including the addition of new collections and artists, will make the platform not only functional but also appealing to a new creative audience.

In 2024, Münzen will strive for innovation, meeting the growing needs of its users and strengthening its leadership in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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