Münzen Payment Services Makes an Impact at SiGMA Americas 2023

Notable payment processing provider, Münzen Payment Services, marked its participation at the SiGMA Americas conference in São Paulo from June 14-17, 2023. Esteemed as a crucial event in the Latin American payments industry, Münzen's involvement was met with great enthusiasm.

The Münzen team was represented by top executives: Evgenia Batura, Head of Sales, Ivan Ilin, COO, and Ilya Romanov, CMO. They each brought their expertise to the table, enriching the event with their insights and professional perspectives.

Münzen showcased its array of services, comprising crypto payments processing, fiat-to-crypto conversion, and robust fraud protection measures. Their services are crafted to facilitate crypto payment acceptance for businesses of all sizes worldwide, with a special emphasis on Latin America.

The company had its own booth at the conference, which served as a hub for networking and exchange. The booth saw footfall from over 50 companies, leading to fruitful conversations and potential collaborations. This was indeed a productive venture, fortifying Münzen's footprint in the industry.

Several steps were taken by Münzen to cater specifically to the Latin American market. The company's website was translated into Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese to facilitate easier access for native speakers. They also expanded their on-ramp widget to include popular Latin American currencies such as the Brazilian Real (BRL), Argentine Peso (ARS), Colombian Peso (COP), and Mexican Peso (MXN).

In a significant move, Münzen connected the popular Brazilian payment method, PiX, to its fiat-to-crypto on-ramp widget. PiX, backed by the Brazilian central bank, is widely used across Brazil, adding immense value to Münzen's offerings.

During the conference Münzen attended numerous sessions that touched upon diverse aspects of the Latin American payments industry, like blockchain technology, regulatory frameworks, and marketing strategies. Münzen not only absorbed learnings from other industry experts but also imparted its own knowledge.

The SiGMA Americas conference offered a stellar opportunity for Münzen to connect with other Latin American businesses and keep pace with the latest industry trends. The company appreciates the opportunity and looks forward to similar future involvements.

About Münzen Payment Services

Established in 2021 and based in the Czech Republic, Münzen Payment Services is dedicated to simplifying transactions in both crypto and fiat currencies. Their team is populated by industry veterans with deep-rooted understanding of the crypto and fintech sectors.

About SiGMA Americas

Held annually in São Paulo, Brazil, SiGMA Americas is a prime event in the Latin American payments industry. It attracts thousands of global attendees and hosts exhibitions, conferences, and networking events.

In Conclusion

As a front-runner in providing payment processing services for businesses across all scales around the globe, Münzen Payment Services stands for speed, security, reliability, and user-friendliness. For Latin American businesses looking to accept global crypto payments, Münzen is a superior choice.

For more details about Münzen Payment Services, you are invited to visit their website at https://munzen.io/

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